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Here are some common
questions about Ancillary.

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Investors are safeguarded through Ancillary, Fund Managers cannot withdraw money allocated to them and are only entitled to performance fees which are all encoded on our platform. As an Investor, you are given full transparency with real time analytics and performance with your Invested funds.

There are redemption windows in the duration of a fund which enable you to exit the fund, you can also contact your fund manager directly and the manager can handle redemptions through their account.

You can trade through a manager account but only allocate to a fund through the investor account.

There are risks associated with investing in funds, kindly read our risk disclosure statement and ensure to understand the fund manager and the strategy before allocating capital.


A managed account works by connecting investor accounts ( self directed brokerage accounts) into one master account, so managers can trade up to 15 accounts as one

Zero upfront fees to get started. Yes we mean $0

For private funds, which are not available on the marketplace, there’s a monthly subscription fee while for marketplace funds there’s a platform fee which is a 10-15% fee of the manager's earnings. Assuming a manager charges 2/20 for his fund, our platform fee would be 10-15% of that

Yes, there’s an application process for funds to be launched on the marketplace, if accepted your fund would be active on the marketplace open to other investors.

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It’s simple to sign up and become verified to gain access to quality funds across international markets. Investing involves risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement for more.