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We’ve built the future of active fund investing today, enabling Investors to allocate capital to talent seamlessly on a global and equitable scale.

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Gain access to sector specific managers and Investors with domain expertise.

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Access a global talent pool to match your investment objectives.

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Democratizing access to actively managed funds like never before.

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Disrupting the models of traditional asset management.

Your fund manager shouldn’t have to be in the same city as you but can be anywhere on the continent

Pick the Right Investors

They know the right stocks & securities

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View your funds with real time analytics

How it Works


Find funds that match your investing objectives


Easy to invest in funds, Plan to diversify your active portfolio.


Monitor your active portfolio in real time, keep in sync with your fund manager.

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Investor Protection

Investors are safeguarded through Ancillary, Fund Managers cannot withdraw money allocated to them and are only entitled to performance fees which are all encoded on our platform. As an Investor, you are given full transparency with real time analytics and performance with your Invested funds.

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